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Korea, located in East Asia, is officially knows as the Republic of Korea. South Korea is a developed country and one of the richest in Asia. Since the 60s, South Korea has witnessed incredible growth and has also joined the high-tech modern world economy. It entered the trillion dollar group of world economies in 2004. The World Bank indicates that it's a High Income Nation and the UN rates it as a Prosperous Economy. Its significant economic growth was chiefly due to the export of high-tech goods. South Korea is a world leader in information technology. It's also the world's largest shipbuilder, third largest steel producer, fourth largest oil refiner and among the top five automobile producers.

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Economy of South Korea

South Korean Won

Fiscal Year

01 January - 31 December




$371.8 Billion


$356.8 Billion

Main Industries

electronics, automobile production, chemicals,shipbuilding, steel,textiles, clothing,footwear and food processing.

Export Goods

semiconductors, wireless telecommunications equipment, motorvehicles, computers,steel, ships and petrochemicals.

Import Goods

machinery, oil, steel,transport equipment,organic chemicals,plastics, electronics and electronic equipment.